Fusion Vision


Fusion Vision

The field of futures is an emerging field and some propose that one day we will study the future as much or more than we study history. It is imperative for businesses and designers to envision the different forms that the future may take as a way to remain relevant and lucrative. In the spring of 2017 I was able to study under Dr. Stuart Candy, a leading futurist, and developed Fusion Vision. Fusion Vision is an exercise in world building, world building being a structural way of forecasting possible futures. The product of Fusion Vision is two parted. The first part being the academic and detailed study of developing what a possible future world would look like on a detailed level. The second part being a diegetic documentary film from the future. The idea is that the film would be made in the future, not about the future, and would be sent back to us.

Materials: animated video
Year: 2017


This is a segment of the materials developed to create this future world.

Fusion Vision uses the principles of world building to create a world where everyone must partake in the growing of food. Creating a diegetically cohesive world through the use of video Fusion Vision uses song and cartoon in a familiar way to tell the story of this future world. In the year 2019 big agriculture completely collapses. Farms relying on GMO plants based on petroleum/ synthetic nitrogen fertilizers experience complete crop failure. The soil in these farms are lacking any of the nutrients (mycelium, entophytes, phosphorus ext.)  plants need and are unable to produce crops with non GMO plants. There is a world wide famine and countless die. By 2021 all food stores have been consumed and the only people who are able to survive are those that have their own gardens, participate in community gardens, are able to afford big organic farm produce, or benefit from the generosity of these gardens and farms. The rich become poor by spending all of their money on over priced food to stay alive while the poor and middle class who do not garden begin to die from massive famines. This causes the world’s gardeners, environmentalists, and environmentally focused innovators to form a worldwide convocation that develops a new nature based system called the Fusion.  They decide that historically many of humanity’s issues can be linked to the advent of agriculture. That the control of food needs to be eliminated and each person needs to become an active participant in growing food. Gardeners are given the task to teach everyone how to grow plants and environmentalists and innovators develop the Cherry Tree System.

Fusion: is the concept that everything is part of one single entity
Cherry Tree System: all outputs (waste) are used again as inputs (feedstock) 
Dwellers: all humans
Growing: Dweller’s primary duty is to grow food
The Shift: the year 2019 when big agriculture failed world wide
The Garden: term for the world after the shift
Synthetic: the time before the shift

Using tropes is an effective way to introduce this new world to an audience. In this film I used the popular children's series School House Rock and the format of children's sing alongs to tell the history of this future world. The film is made within the limitations of this future world. Thus, the production level would have to be matched to the people of this future world. In the future world of Fusion Vision everyone is responsible for gardening duties. While gardening would not take up all of the filmmakers time it would take up most of it. Fusion Vision would then be a product of free time while still being able to utilize our current technology.